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7 Tips for a Successful Summer Open House

Michael Hinckley

Michael is a lifelong Cincinnatian born and raised on the Eastside of the city...

Michael is a lifelong Cincinnatian born and raised on the Eastside of the city...

Jun 26 5 minutes read

Selling your home this summer? An open house is a great way to generate excitement and get buyers interested.

No matter what the market conditions are, an open house will help you sell faster and for more money. How much more? Research shows that sellers who host an open house sell their homes for about $9,000 more and seven days faster than sellers who don’t.

Summer is an especially good time for open houses because people generally have more availability, and the number of buyers in the market is high. Want our top tips for a successful summer open house? Check them out:

Tip #1: Plan your open house for a weekend afternoon or evening.

Scheduling your open house on the weekend ensures that the highest number of people will be able to attend. More people are off work at this time, and opting for the afternoon or early evening will make sure that buyers don’t skip out because it’s too early or too late. Additionally, this time of day provides ideal lighting for showing off your home’s beautiful aesthetics.

Tip #2: Make sure your home is cool and comfortable.

A summer open house is a great time to show that the air conditioning in your home works well. Don’t turn your house into an icebox, but keep it cool enough so that walking into your home is a nice relief from the hot afternoon sun. This will make an instant good impression on potential buyers and help ensure that their experience at your open house is pleasant.

Tip #3: Offer summer refreshments.

If you’re hosting an open house in the summer, don’t forget the refreshments. Cold lemonade or iced tea are great choices, and if you want to offer snacks, go with something summery like watermelon or fresh fruit popsicles. Want to take it to the next level? Bring in a fun treat like a snowcone machine, or host a backyard barbecue as part of your open house. People are more likely to linger when there are tasty snacks to be had, and the more time they spend enjoying your home, the higher the likelihood they’ll fall in love with it.

Tip #4: Beautify your landscaping.

Summer is a great time to present your landscaping to potential buyers. Leafy green trees and blooming flowers are a great selling point—but only if they’re well cared for. If your flowerbeds are overgrown or your lawn is dry and crispy, potential buyers won’t be impressed. Before your open house, make sure you do the following:

  • Tidy up your flower beds

  • Trim and mow your lawn

  • Water everything for a lush look

  • Clean up and make any necessary repairs

Curb appeal adds tons of value during a home sale, so take the time to optimize yours ahead of your open house.

Tip #5: Showcase your outdoor space.

Once your landscaping is looking its best, you’ll want to showcase your outdoor space. Summer is the time of year when most people like to get outside and play, so if you have a large backyard, patio, fire pit, water feature, or other outdoor attraction, make sure you show it off at your open house. Buyers shopping this time of year will want to take advantage of those items right away when they move in, so highlighting them in a way that helps buyers imagine the property as theirs is an excellent way to get a great offer.

Tip #6: Optimize your light.

Summer is about sunshine, and buyers will be bummed out if they walk out of a beautiful day into a dark, claustrophobic space. How do you maximize your light for your open house? Start by cleaning the windows and glass doors. Next, switch out light bulbs for brighter, white-light versions, and consider exchanging dark window dressings and lampshades for soft-colored counterparts. “Good lighting” is at the top of most buyer must-have lists, so nailing this at your open house is a must-do to make your space feel more open, airy, and welcoming.

Tip #7: Decorate with fresh flowers and plants.

A top design trend for 2023 is bringing nature inside—in colors, natural finishes, and living plants. Besides a lively aesthetic, decorating with plants provides a sensation of warmth and comfort that appeals to many buyers. Plants bring freshness into a space as well as offering real, concrete health benefits and selling your home faster and for more.

Which plants should you get? Opt for houseplants with lush foliage that are easy to care for—especially if you’re a plant beginner. Philodendrons, pothos, and spider plants are all good choices.

Ready to get planning?

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